About me


NYI want to share my passion for travel and photography so that others may be inspired to follow their dreams, as I have been fortunate enough to do.

I love taking photo’s and hope others can enjoy them too and travel with me from their comfy armchair and enjoy seeing the world through my eyes.

I grew up not wanting to get married and have children like most of my friends, but wanted to travel the world.

So in 2013, I gave up my job as a busy Real Estate Agent in Perth, Western Australia to seek out new adventures and other cultures for an extended period of time.

I had done quite a lot of ‘short’ stints traveling and loved it and craved more. Each time I went, I didn’t want to come home and felt that I could just keep traveling.

So, I made the decision to step out of my ‘comfort zone’ as uncomfortable as that made me and started making plans.

Within 3 weeks in October 2013, I had leased out my home and set out for what was to be my ‘gap’ year or 2 or 3.

Plans change, things happen and my journey was interrupted and I returned home. But my passion and determination to seek out my dreams never left and I yearned to be off again.

I have faith that if we want something bad enough and believe without doubt that we can have it, our path will lead us to it and it will become a reality.

We all have dreams. How much do you want yours to come true?

My favourite all time motto “Carpe Diem“. Seize the day. Will you?


My preferences:

These days I prefer to stay in budget hotels with an ensuite if possible. I still have a few favourite hostels that I would return to if I re-visited those places. Hostels are fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but for a few dollars more (and especially in the off season) I can have a much more spacious room, not to mention my privacy. I spend quite a bit of time pouring over booking sites and reviews, to make sure the hotel is clean, in my budget,  in a convenient location and has all that I need (like free wifi). We are spoilt for choice, so take your time choosing.

I prefer to take public transport and only use taxi’s if it’s going to save me hours, or if there really isn’t any other choice. I will always look at flights, trains, buses, boats although flying is my preference.

While I like to see all the touristy spots, I try to get out into the ‘real’ country and meld into the ‘normal’ lifestyle of the locals. If I can stay a week or more, all the better.