Iceland and the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)


For years I have dreamed of visiting Iceland (as many people do).


My vision of Iceland was of snow capped Volcanic mountains, icy lakes, mind-blowing lights of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), icy cold winds, adorable Icelandic horses, hot springs and church steeples covered in a layer of ‘melted marshmellow-type snow and Iceland delivered all this and more.


I purposely went in February, their winter, hoping to live my dream. I couldn’t believe that within a couple of hours of arriving, it started to snow. I was told that it was only the second time that winter they had had snow and that so far it had been a mild winter, but that all changed for the 6 days I was there. On our last night there, Reykjavik recieved it’s second highest record of snow (half a metre) since records began. My inner child was so excited and I couldn’t resist every opportunity to play in it, build a snowman have snowball fights and even when I fell over a few times it bought me to tears of laughter and joy.


I’ve heard many good reports of Reykjavik (the capital) but like most cities, in winter it wasn’t at it’s best but that didn’t detract from enjoying the sights, especially the cathedral and the eclectic ‘Babalu’ coffee shop with great coffee and friendly service. It was always packed out.


Reykjavik is alive with street art, which I adore, and relished in all the works I saw. Such talented artists. I didn’t venture into any museums, or eat out at restaurants and bars, but rather shopped at the supermarket and cooked meals in our lovely AirBnB apartment (prices are exorbitant in Iceland, even in winter. If you intend to drink alcohol, I suggest you buy it at the Duty Free shop on the way in).


We also hired a car for 5 days, as my brother had volunteered to do the driving. Without the car we wouldn’t have seen half of what we did. We explored the west side of the Island and the famous ‘Golden Circle’.

So I’ve posted a variety of photo’s of Iceland and of course the Aurora Borealis. What a show that was. I highly recommend booking the Northern Lights Tour to get out of the city to have the best chance to see them. The company we  went with ( were very professional, well organized and not overly expensive. There is of course a chance that you don’t get to see them, but they do give you another opportunity to try again, so book early in your trip in case of this.




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