Aswan, Egypt

I didn’t know what to expect of Aswan, except that it had very good markets according to some reviews on the internet. The rather chaotic, dilapidated condition of the city was a surprise, considering it’s Egypt’s 3rd largest city. Aswan was once of great importance as it was on the […]

Cairo, Egypt

First impressions of Cairo was driving through chaotic traffic, with car horns blaring, weaving dangerously through the jam-packed streets, whilst people risked their lives crossing. Heavy smog disguises the way and what lies ahead. Cars stop wherever and horse drawn carts negotiate their way thought the vehicles. Haze and smog […]

Nuweiba and Dahab, Egypt 2

The ferry trip from Aqaba, Jordan to Nuweiba Egypt across the Red Sea, was not something I’d ever do again. Although it was only a 3 hour journey, (I wont mention the toilets on the ferry but…..OMG! Disgusting!!) disembarkation took another 2 hours, (But what awaited for us in Nuweiba at […]