Character and Characters of Fremantle

If you’re visiting Western Australia, then a stroll around Perth’s port city, Fremantle, is an absolute must.

This Bohemian city is full of ‘chic’ coffee shops, art galleries, performing artists, trendy restaurants and of course boats.

Having spent many of my teenage years growing up on the streets of Fremantle, the changes have been nothing short of amazing, initiated when the city became the host for the America’s Cup race back in 1987. From plain old shabby to ‘shabby chic’. The old buildings have been restored and play a major role adding charm and interesting history to the streets.

The tightly packed Fremantle markets have been a constant over the years, filled with everything from food to furniture, spilling out onto the sidewalks and the outdoor café experience is rampant. You can’t beat ‘Gino’s’ for a chance to sit with many of the locals and tourists alike. On the weekends, it’s a great place to sit back, read the paper and people watch.

Keep your eye out for the lovely street murals and don’t forget to take a walk down to see the old prison, The ‘Roundhouse’, or the Maritime museum.

If you have children head to The Esplanade, Bathers Beach and a stroll along the Boardwalk and don’t miss eating lunch at Cicerello’s, which has been an iconic Fremantle eatery since its founding in 1903, where you can choose from a selection of fresh seafood and chips.The Esplanade

Quirky cafe A fun spot for the local youth Daredevils at the skate park Getting some air at the skate park IMG_6687 Interesting things can be bought at the markets The Fremantle markets Street art Street art is everywhere, tucked away Some of the natives sometimes hang out at the markets Henderson street Mall Fremantle markets Can't eat your fish and chips without a few seagulls hovering Lots of quirky shops which are fun to browse Massive street art in the laneway

You'll find nearly every nationality catered for in Fremantle A favourite mural by Horatio T. Birdbath Horatio. T Birdbath doing 'touch-ups' on his amazing mural which he did in 2014 and a fascinating person to chat to if you get a chance Having fun entertaining the crowds Fremantle-Norfolk St. Portuguese artist 'Alexandre Farto'. He chisels portraits into walls and even uses dynamite sometimes to reveal underneath layers. Fremantle-Henderson Street Mall, Fremantle markets. 'Numbat'. Belgian artist ROA Fremantle-former Myer building. 'Amok Island's' image of a praying mantis Fremantle town hall Fremantle displays many great walls of art Festival of Fremantle Entertainment spills out onto the streets at festival time Beautiful old trees Bather's beach Barely a wall escapes some street art Artists entertain the passerbys Amazing paintings A tourist strolling the streets The local boys have been skating here for as long as I can remember The colours of Fremantle Street cafe's abound in Fremantle Street art So many murals tucked away The markets have extended out to the sidewalks The markets are just fascinating to wander around, even if you don't buy anything The markets are a good place to grab a quick, tasty snack Taking a break Take your pick of what food you fancy at the markets Street eating Small eatieries are everywhere Poor and happy or saving for a wax One of our Vietnam vets comes here reguarly to catch up with his friends Long standing Fremantle mates Local artists selling there wares in the mall Inside the markets Choose your coffee type and have it freshly ground at the markets Busking in the markets Buskers a plenty in Fremantle Beautifully restored houses and shops abound throughout Fremantle A variety of produce can be bought at the markets A multitude of cuisines are available A local barrista A chance to relax, read and have a good coffee

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