Dubrovnik, Croatia


I’d spoken to quite a few people who had visited Croatia and they all said it was beautiful, but beautiful was an understatement for this dazzling place. I loved this place so much and 3 days was not long enough to soak up even a fraction of the culture and history.

From the Dramatic Pile Gate as you enter to the sea of orange terracotta tiled rooftops contrasting with the sparkling blue ocean. Wandering the labyrinth of narrow streets, each turn revealing something unexpected whether it was a church, a fountain, museums or a row of restaurants, all were a delight to behold.

Being a “Game of Thrones” fan, I could see why they had chosen to film here. Perfect setting! I recognized some of the actual spots where a scene was filmed and would replay it in my mind, but most of the time I just sat and enjoyed the moment, watching the people wander by and admiring the architecture.

With so many little restaurants I had to try the food. Absolutely delicious! My favourite was a plate of healthy, fresh and juicy grilled squid with olive oil and lemon, with a rather nice red wine to keep it company.

I’m not necessarily a ‘museum visiting’ type of person, unless I know there’s a ‘Caravaggio’ painting tucked away inside, but I did decide to get the one day Dubrovnik Card and hit 5 museums in one day. A couple were ‘underwhelming’ but overall I loved them, especially the Museum of Modern Art which is a short walk outside of the walls.

I was fascinated by some of the local artists works, very unique and thought provoking with a wonderful terrace adorned with some beautiful sculptures overlooking the beach and the old town.

Overall, I felt very safe and relaxed here. I bused in from Split and out to Kotor, Montenegro. The buses are modern, comfortable, regular, reasonably priced and even have wifi. The actual trip was along the coast with dramatic views of the rugged, rocky mountains on one side and the pure, crystal clear sea and many quaint little seaside towns that I could easily live in, on the other. Loved it!!!

My advice:

The ‘Dubrovnik card’  also allows you to use the city’s public bus system for free. You can purchase either a one-day card for 150 Kunas, a three-day card for 200 Kunas or a one-week card for 250 Kunas – and there’s even further savings if you pre-order a card online.

Dubrovnik Card


Stayed at:  Cheap – 3 nights at “Guesthouse Peter“. Clean, basic, reasonably priced and good location. Has a nice little courtyard, access to a fridge and kettle. My bathroom was across the hall, but wasn’t an issue. Guesthouse Peter is about 1 minute from the “Pile Gate” entrance.

Note: All opinions are my own.