New Orleans

We were in New Orleans for the ‘Krewe of Boo’, their annual Halloween parade in 2014. I couldn’t think of a better place to be for Halloween than New Orleans, home of ‘Voodoo’. Ghouls, aliens and amazing floats traverse through the French Quarter, an historic area that has a sense of mystery and the macabre.
New Orleans (or Nola as it’s more commonly known) is a vibrant, colourful, amazing (or perhaps even trashy) city, that you either love or hate. If you can get past all the ‘homeless’ sitting on the pavements in the French Quarter, you will discover its rare charm and uniqueness.
Jazz bands and artists set up in the early afternoon on street corners and in Jackson Square, where hangings and beheadings once took place. Palm and Tarot card readers are worth a visit if you’re into that. They ask only for a donation and offer an interesting insight to the future.
For me, it was a photographer’s paradise. Colourful people, buildings and history, were unlike any other city I visited in the USA. I would love to go back one day, next time for their Mardi Gras parade.
“Let the good times roll” is the city’s unofficial motto and you certainly can do that here, with a vast number of bars full of character and music, plus many restaurants to enjoy the good ole Southern style food.

My advice:

Safety can be issue, so read up on the do’s and don’ts for Nola and just use your common sense.


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Note: All opinions are my own