Santorini, Greece

Just like you see in pictures. White washed buildings tumbling over one another on the cliffs of the caldera.

Deep blue domes and classic windmills sprinkled amongst the tight network of little houses and hotels.
Glistening, azure ocean as far as you can see. Little boats heading out to secure the evenings catch and of course the coming of going of the massive cruise ships.
Lounging in a comfy white wicker chair with a glass of wine in hand, while watching a spectacular deep orange sunset on a warm, sultry evening. Then wander down the narrow streets to enjoy a delicious meal of freshly caught seafood and gourmet traditional style cooking.
And of course the Greek Donkeys zigzagging their way up and down the steep paths, carrying tourists and luggage.
Six days here-not enough, I could have lazed around the balcony and wallowed in the spa gazing out over the med for 6 weeks.

My advice:

If coming from Athens and you don’t want to spend hours sitting on the boat, fly. It’s a short trip and price isn’t that much different to that of the ferry.

Stayed at: Sunset Hotel, Firostefani


Note: All opinions are my own