Travel Resources

Finding Flights


Simple to use and searches many different airlines, giving you a selection of airports available in that country.  It tells you  the name of the airline, departure/arrival times, flying time, how many stop overs or if it’s direct and lists price from lowest to highest. With one click it quickly takes you to the booking page. Simple!


Similar to Skyscanner with also the benefit of a sliding ‘day’ pricer, so you can see if it is cheaper to fly on days either side.


I love this app on my ipad. It’s a quick and easy way to see the different options to go from A to B, approximate times and costs. I’m not sure how accurate the prices are and sometimes the routes shown for driving go a different way than what I would probably take. But that being said, it is still a useful app/website.

Finding Accommodation

Probably my first option when searching for accommodation. Easy to use website, which has several filters helping narrow down the type/price/facilities etc. Lots of reviews and map showing location of all the hotels/hostels in the area. They also have ‘Value Deals’ so quite often you can find a cheaper hotel, than if you go to that hotels actual site. I have joined this site, so when I book it brings up all my details, saving a lot of time.


Again similar, but focuses more on the cheaper accommodation and seems to have a greater range of hostels in some locations. It also lists guests houses, B & B’s and simple hotels.


An alternative to hotels and hostels. It has a large directory of apartments, B & B’s and rooms rented by owners. Generally high quality, but cheaper than a hotel in the same area. Most have reviews, which I highly recommend you read first as often there are only stairs, no elevators, which could be an issue for some.

Travel Pony

Booked through Travel Pony for a hotel in Manhattan which was quite cheap. Not sure if this is always the case, but we had to pay in advance, which they then obviously held and paid the actual hotel at a date closer to arrival. But that being said, I would use this site again as they have some fantastic bargains that can’t be found elsewhere.

Trip Advisor

I refer to Trip Advisor for many travel related things, but not so much for accommodation. The reviews on there are usually up to date and prolific.  I like to write reviews as well, when I have the time. I have noticed that generally, that they lack some of the ‘cheaper’ end hotels/hostels and find myself returning back to the other sites to finalize my booking.