Travelling Diary/Log

DIARY: 4/3/17:

I ask myself “Am I happy to be home”? I really don’t know.  Perhaps once the jet lag has passed and I get rid of this awful chest cold, I might be able to think more clearly on this. So I ask myself, “could I pack my case and head off again”? And the answer is yes, absolutely, but in a few days when I’ve recovered, although I won’t be doing this. The holiday was awesome, albeit very short (in my standards) but I covered a lot of interesting countries and took some amazing photo’s. I aim to post all the best photo’s on this blog/website to share with you (or anyone that is interested). Much better than just having them sitting on my PC or hard drive. I do love to reminisce regularly myself. So now it’s back to work (looks like I will have a ‘full – time’ position soon…(scary-that’ll curb my travel) and moving back to my house. Then I’ll see from there.

DIARY: 1/11/16:

How exciting it is to plan an overseas trip?And it’s going to be cold and hopefully lots of snow.

Being ‘on the go’ travelling for such a long period previously, I really missed all the planning, researching and daydreaming of the places I’m going to visit. There was little time to appreciate the anticipation of new cities, new sights and meeting different races of people. It was a matter of book the next (cheapest) flight, book a place to stay and research how to get from the airport to the accommodation. As to what the city   had to offer, I had little time to research it in too much depth, let alone pour over a Lonely Planet Guide book. But I always tried to spend some time researching the place I was in, on the net each night, rather than wandering aimlessly during the day and getting lost, although this was sometimes enjoyable.

So, with 3 months until I jet off again, I have the liberty to order a travel book, read, research and daydream. Such joy.


DIARY: 11/2/16:

Back in good ole Perth, WA. I’m naturally thinking of ‘where to next’ and of course when? There are just so many countries to visit, I’ve hardly scratched the surface. So I am going to compile a list of places I want to visit and with some positive thinking and planning, I can start ticking them off soon. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. (“Contact me” heading at top of page)

I quite often visit a place on someones recommendations, so please drop me an email if you have time of someplace you have been or would like to go and I’d appreciate to know why? Tempt me.



Russia: Moscow/St Petersburg – in the Summer to see the many fountains & of course the museum to see more paintings by my favourite Renaissance painter – Caravaggio.

Iceland: Have been once, but would like to go again and photograph further places there

Norway: Walk the Fjords and to see the Northern lights again

Japan: In Spring naturally to see the cherry blossom trees

South America: Peru, Chile




Jan 28 –  Feb 3: Felixstowe/London

Feb 3  – Feb 14: Cuba

Feb15/16: Copenhagen, Denmark

Feb 17-19: Stockholm, Sweden

Feb 20-26: Reykjavik, Iceland


Feb 20 – Mar 14: Jordan/Egypt (22 day tour)

Mar 14 – April 11: Tropea, Italy (1 month)

Apr 11 – April 25: Southern Italy/Sicily

Apr 25 – May 15: Turkey (15 day tour)

May 16 – May 30: Ireland

May 30 – Jun 10: Abruzzo/Marche/Umbria, Italy

Jun 10 – Jun 17: Northern England, Scotland

Jun 17 – Jun 20: London, UK

Jun 20 – Jun 28: Provence, France

Jun 28 – July 05: Bordighera, Italy (1 week)

July 05 – July 18: Albania/Macedonia

July 18 – July 21: Corfu, Greece

July 21 – Aug 11: St Albans, UK

Aug 11 – Aug 22: Slovenia, Trieste-Italy

Aug 22 – Oct 18: Tropea, Italy (2 months)

Oct 19 – Nov 7: Perth, Australia

Nov 8 – Nov 24: Vietnam (15 day tour)



Italy: Todi, Padova, Varese, Lake Como, Venice, Umbria,

Switzerland: Lugano, Lucerne, Wegis

Austria: Innsbruck, Salzburg

Germany: Munich

England: Bournemouth & surrounds

Scotland: Edinburgh

Portugal: Porto, Guimaraes

Morocco: 15 day Tour

Malta: 1 week stay in Sliema

Turkey: Kas- 1 week walking tour

Greece: Kastellorizo, Rhodes – Lindos (4 days)


Previous trips:

France – Provence, Valence, Paris, Reims

Italy – Umbria, Cinque Terre, Lucca, Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena, Verona, Venice, Rome, Naples, Amalfi, Sorrento, Salerno (1 month), Capri

Wales, UK – Cardiff



New Caledonia, Port Vila (2 x ship cruises)

New Zealand

Spain – West

Hungary – Budapest (7 day tour through here and surrounding countries) –

Prague – Czech Republic, Vienna, Bratislava

Singapore – 3 ship cruises


America – New York, Boston, Nova Scotia (1 week cruise from NY – Canada), Washington, New Orleans, Charleston, Niagara (Canada)

Greece – Athens, Santorini